How to Crush Your Restaurant Marketing Goals in 2018

Online food ordering and delivery has made a permanent position in the industry. You need to refine your marketing goals to get your business going at a pace with which the industry is upgrading itself.

Marketing .jpg

Here are some of your marketing goals for 2018 and ways to achieve it before the year ends.

Goal: Get your over-the-phone orders online

Taking food orders over the call is one of the most conventional ways of serving your customers. But, it’s time to get these customers come online. Send out promotions and business cards mentioning your online presence. Advertise and promote that their favourite food destination is now online. Offer promo codes and discounts to the customers who orders food online, rather than over the phone.

Goal: Ensure repeat customers

Every business wishes to ensure that they get repeat customers. However, in order to ensure that, provoke your customers to get their favourite food, even on the busiest day. Promote that the customers do not have to come down to the restaurant to order food, the restaurant on the other hand is at their doorstep with the mobile apps and online food ordering software.

Goal: Ensure steady flow of customers even on a bad weather day

Adverse climatic conditions are always a major headache for restaurants. This is because, customers avoid dropping in, on a rainy day or a stormy one. This worry is crushed down with apps like Foodpanda clone. Tell your customers that they can get their favourite food at their door-step even on the worst weather.

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