Spa & Salon app provides win-win opportunity for both consumer and business

15A new On demand business model started in mid of 21st century. On demand, the economy has opened avenues for new business models and spa & salon has a good opportunity to meet the existing demand. Currently, there are very few businesses connecting the spa and salon services with end customers online and they are making good revenue. Their websites play the key role in making spa & salon search/booking business successful. Read more –

What Startups Can Learn from FoodPanda Success Story

foodpanda cJust getting a perfect online food ordering software and offering delicious food is not enough to succeed in the industry. The competition is very tough and there is no shortcut to success. There are various factors that are important for success of online food delivery startups. You can learn lot of things from the established companies like food panda which has tasted success in very small span of time and is still growing.                     Read more –

10 On demand Services to Watch 2017 – Entrepreneur’s Brilliant 100

on demandOn demand services are continuously showing its potential with the help of technology and becoming popular day by day. Technology has empowered on demand services to provide convenience to the customers. Now customers can access any service on their smartphones through related applications. On demand applications like on demand food ordering and delivery applications, taxi dispatch system, grocery applications etc are very much in demand. Read more –