Build on demand parcel/courier delivery apps like is an on demand parcel/courier delivery platform in various markets throughout Asia. It enables people to send package within same city from their door step for a small fee. Business model of is very similar to Uber model, but here instead of taxi people can request for package delivery. accomplished the task with help of their courier network, facilitating people to carry their parcel from within any corner of city in very little time…..

Demonstration of our on demand delivery apps


Overview and Aim

Technology and modern life style have changed the dynamics of most of households today. We have learnt to change our lifestyle according to technology. Technology has brought a great change in present age. We don’t live lifestyle which we were living few years ago. The daily household terms like ‘what would you like to have in dinner’, ‘what should I cook today’ has changed to ‘which nearby restaurant delivers….

Why on demand pharmacy ordering and delivery apps

madicine_detailMedicines are basic requirement of everyone’s life. Everyone needs it. But going to pharmacy is not fun experience. It is fact that patients hate waiting in line for their medications.But for last few years, Uber model of on-demand delivery being applied to offer door-step delivery of prescription medicines. There are more than hundreds of on-demand pharmacy starts-up in India. They are growing with exponential rate both in Number and revenue….

Manual Scheduling vs Online Appointment Scheduling in spa booking system

spa_details1Spa and saloon is one of the basic need of every individual regardless of their gender. One must need a saloon or spa and it’s a fact. So if you own a spa and doing offline business, it might be facing lots of hassle. The world is changing very rapidly with technology. You should be updated according to new market trends and technology…..

Is it possible to clone a website like Foodpanda?

Online-Food-Ordering-Script-Just-Eat-Clone copyThe online food ordering application like Foodpanda, has made it easy for people to order food online. They provide lots of features to facilitate customers to place order easily and get delivery at their door steps. The customer can browse the nearby restaurants based on their location, can browse menu of different restaurants, can compare prices and can get food delivered at their door-steps and all these things on just a single platform…..

Why smart grocery businesses are moving to an app based services

grocery_detailRetail industries haven’t seen much up and down over many years. People used to do business under one-roof and it was going with almost similar pace over period of time. But in last few years this industry witnessed sudden changes than expected. The revolution of web pages was like miracle for these industries. The pace, style, and revenue of this business changes at sudden with web pages…..

How social media can encourage online ordering for restaurants

social_thumbSo by now we assume that, you have started your online ordering restaurant business. You have delicious set of dishes printed on your menu card. You got some amazing chefs ready in the kitchen with mouth-watering dishes. You have managed to get awesome and fast delivery boys. Everything is perfect with your business. And we all know people are looking out for perfection in each business….

Loyalty Solutions for Online food ordering platform

Loyalty Solutions for Online food ordering platform_detailsOnline food ordering and delivery business has been marked as one of the most successful business on internets. FoodPanda, Zomato etc are some example of giants who confirms this news. Also there are thousands of starts up following this model and generating decent revenue and growing with very high speed.

Our Loyalty program solutions

1. Campaign Management.

2. Real-time customer engagement.

3. Convenient member communication.

4. Flawless backend infrastructure.

5. Card based programs.

6. Card less programs.

7. Easy POS system integration.

8. Easy e-commerce integration and payment gateways.

9. Full performance report.

10. Easy registration.

11. Omni-channel redemption.

12. Flexible program attributes.

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How Seamlessly Online Food Delivery Platforms Are Taking Restaurants’ Orders

foooodOnline food delivery system has been emerged as one of the unique and most profitable online business in this digital world. This business is on its peak and expected to go further. There are many online food ordering and delivery system giants which has been emerged as billion $ companies now. These online food ordering and delivery aggregators provides platform to different restaurants to place their digital menu….

Restaurant promotion ideas you can try today

resFood industry is getting bigger day by day. There is very hefty competition among business owners. Competitors are in great vie to attract new customers with perfect business planning and promotion ideas. Earning profit with restaurant is big challenge today, and you need to stay tall among the competitors. There is no justification for reduced number customers when competition is so fierce. Restaurant owners are always searching for new, fresh and best ideas to attract new customers….