How can I set up my own food delivery startup company

delivery1To start any business three P’s are required




To start food delivery startup

1.Need to do market research

2.Competitors analysis

3.Restaurants research

4.Customers research

5.Must have good investment


7.Mobile app

8.Delivery system

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Have your own online food ordering system like Zomato

mThe big giant like food Panda, Swiggy have got a good market share of online food ordering system market. The beauty of these players is, they take care of delivery as well as taking orders from the customers. The drawback of this system is, it charges more commission from the restaurant and the biggest disadvantage is, this system cut the relationship between customers and restaurants.

Why Zomato clone is better than food panda like system

1. Cost effective

2. Better controlling

3. Better customer relationship management

4. Technology with tradition

5. Pickup and home delivery, both possible

6. One o One communication

7. A better approach in solving of the customer’s grievances

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Are you planning to start online food ordering business like Talabat, Hellofood or Otlob?

10 (1)Business model like Talabat, Hellofood or Otlob are discovery based platform which help users to find service/ product they are looking for. is founded in Kuwait by a group of young entrepreneur. Heloofood is affliated brand of Food panda active in 27 countries. Otlob also help restaurants to increase their sales through online and mobile platforms. These brands are giants of food ordering business witnessed success in very short span of time……

The changing market and challenges for food delivery

restaurant1A few years back have anyone ever thought that food, medicine, and other services will be available on finger tips? If someone could have even imagined people might have called him mad or thought that he or she dreams of the day. Today scenario has been changed, either people do not have time to go to the restaurant, medical shop or they do not want to go. Whatever may be region the online demand and delivery has become and important part of our life……

Great future ahead with FoodPanda clone business

foodpandaOnline food ordering and delivering apps have become huge business model in recent times. People love to get food at their door steps. Many business personals have earned huge revenue out of it. As FoodPanda, zomato are leading business brands in food industry. Many local food providers have also tried it with FoodPanda clone and gained unexpected revenue than ever…..

Food ordering industry growth in 2020

6 (1)Online food ordering business is quite big and is getting bigger with each passing day. If we take a look at recent history, Earlier Customers had very few food options that could be delivered to them like Pizza and Burger. But today, scenario has changed. Now consumers could get most of the food items delivered to their doorsteps present in market. Consumers are now looking for speed and convenience…..

Ways to build customer loyalty for your restaurant business

5Restaurant business revolves around three basic factors i.e Hospitality, quality and taste. You have to put real energy and effort to maintain these factors for a strong customer base. Because getting customer is hard but keeping them should be easier. Today, there is lots of competition in the market. With each passing day your competitors are increasing and getting stronger…..

Most Reasons to Implement a Restaurant Online Food Ordering System

Once a client approached me to build a mobile app for his restaurant. We had conversation and I casually asked him what made you to decide to own an app for your business, then he replied, “I serve the best menu in my locality, our tables are always full, but for last 10 years I didn’t witnessed any growth in my business”…..

Why best restaurant needs online menu ordering system

Today in fast running world there is no room for error. Although your business is doing well, your all tables are full on daily basic, but never missed a chance to be updated. Don’t give a single opportunity to your competitors to steal customers away from you. Today in digitalized world, people have very less time. They always prefer fast and easy services. Your online menu ordering system will do this for you. We are listing here some benefits of having online menu ordering system….. (1)

Increase your restaurant revenue efficiently with online food ordering system

If you own your own restaurant and love to serve food, are you really happy to reach out to people by traditional way? Technology has brought a great change in the present age. So step into era of technology and offer your menu within their comfort zone. Online food ordering system is the trend that has taken over the restaurant industry. In fact Food serving industry has become very competitive these days. Now all restaurateurs offer very attractive deals and offers to lure customers…….