Importance of mobile friendly eCommerce set up

E-commerce has developed to a great extend, in a short amount of time. With e-commerce taking the new leads in the business world, it has become important that the e-commerce applications are made available in a mobile friendly set up. The importance and benefits of setting up a mobile friendly e-commerce platform are mentioned below:


1. Huge customer base: The mobile and smartphone users form a huge customer base for any business. Most of the customers prefer to use the mobile app, instead of using the websites. Hence, in order to reach such a huge customer base, a mobile friendly eCommerce needs to be set up, attracting more customers to use the mobile app and buy the products and services.

2. Maximum traffic to websites come from the mobile users: It is a fact that more than half of the traffic in the various e-commerce websites come from the mobile users. Hence, it is a loss on the part of the business, if with the lack of mobile friendly eCommerce, deflects the mobile app users. The eCommerce website will miss out a huge amount of traffic without deploying user-friendly mobile apps.

3. Mobile users prefer buying on the go: Studies highlight the fact that the mobile users are big buyers. Hence, an user-friendly and effective mobile app, will definitely enhance the business much more than the websites version.

4. Mobile responsiveness is favoured by Google: A fact unknown to many, in 2015, Google started using mobile-friendliness as a parameter for providing better rankings. So, if you want a better ranking for your eCommerce, ensure to make it mobile friendly.

5. Social media shares are much more among the mobile users: While using the mobile apps, you will find the share buttons everywhere. Whereas is websites, it is hardly seen. So, mobile app users are likely to share about your eCommerce site much more and more often than the website users.

So, if you have been considering the mobile apps, just a substitute of the websites, now you know, it has a much more to give to your business.

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