A New Approach: Mobile Apps Designed & Developed Using Serverless Architecture & AWS Mobile Hub

Mobile-AppsThe advent of cloud computing has brought in a remarkable change in the development as well as deployment of mobile apps. Various new technologies such as use of virtual servers, serverless technologies have been gaining popularity with the increased amount of advantages offered by them. In past, the online ordering mobile app developers were responsible for not only the development of mobile apps, but also for managing a number of other activities, such as ensuring security and storage, maintenance of the servers. This needed much time and additional amount of money. In order to relieve the developers from these hazards, a number of cloud-based service providing platforms came into existence. Among these service-providing companies, Amazon Web Services (AWS), proved to be the best service provider.

Today, most of the mobile app development companies are using the AWS services for mobile applications, web applications as well as Internet of Things (IoT). The advantages that the cloud based service providers offer to the B2B, B2E and B2C mobile applications, include the following:

  1. Better application and user experience
  2. Ease of development, testing, management as well as deployment
  3. Faster deployment to the market
  4. Easy integration with the existing databases and applications
  5. High scalability and real-time availability
  6. User engagement as well as insight and analytics

Serverless architecture and microservices
With the tradition approach of mobile app development, the developers had o understand the code of each function and each variable, which were interlinked. Depending upon these requirements, physical servers were procured and maintained, with huge time consumption and additional cost.

The introduction of the micro computing services helps the developers to focus on small portions of the codes and deploy them using JSON, SOAP and REST API. This serverless architecture also helps the developers to resize the storage capacity, depending upon the requirements, without managing and maintaining servers. The lambda function is used for sending instructions to the servers, about the work, by code execution on AWS Lambda.

Along with development of mobile applications, its successful deployment also plays a key role in the lifecycle of the application. In order to ease these processes, a developer can create server less micro systems on AWS using the following:

1.AWS Lambda
This is the advent of managing the code infrastructure. It also allows the mobile application developers to scale the server, based solely on the application requirements. Hence, this solution can be used for the purpose of managing, provisioning and the scaling of the servers.

2.Amazon Gateway API
This is used as the front end of any mobile application. It helps the developers of mobile applications to create and publish API, at any scale. This helps in boosting the performance of the application. The gateway also manages various tasks in accepting as well as managing processing of concurrent API call. It also helps in traffic management, access control and authorization and API version control and management.

3.Amazon Cognito
This helps the users of the mobile and web applications to sign in or sign up into the application. The authentication could be done using social media profiles or Amazon with SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language).

The server less architecture and AWS mobile hub has indeed created a revolution in the market of mobile app development, offering it a better and bigger platform for the developers as well as the customers. This has indeed facilitated on demand mobile apps development fetching more customers day by day.

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