Pros & cons in online food ordering and delivery system

Food delivery marked its beginning during the period followed after the World War II. During this period, women volunteered to cook food at their houses and and serve the people affected by the war. However, with time, the concept of food ordering and delivery has changed a lot.  Online food ordering and delivery system is indeed a boon that technology has gifted to us. From being a luxury, online food ordering has become a necessity in order to cope up with the speed of life. There are certain pros and cons of the online food ordering and delivery systems that affects the entrepreneurs as well as the customers significantly.


  1. It is indeed a good investment to give a significant boost to your business. The success of the online food ordering and delivery systems have been proved with the success of the companies such as FoodPanda and UberEats.

  2. The food ordering and delivery app gives you the access to the wider business world, with the ability to reach more customers. With online food delivery system, your food will reach to global customers, thus providing you name and fame.

  3. Since the latest trend of food ordering and delivery system is becoming popular everyday, hence in order to remain in competition, going online with your food menu is essential.

  4. The weather barriers that affects your business adversely is also removed with the deployment of the online food ordering and delivery system. Extreme weather conditions such as rain, storms, snow or heat waves prevents the customers from leaving their houses to visit the restaurants. Going online means overcoming these weather barriers since the food could be delivered to the door-step of the customers. Thus, in such extreme business conditions, your business is never in recession.

  5. If the online ordering system is reliable and efficient, then it will lead to a greater sale as well as greater profit. Thus, a larger revenue will be generated for the business, thus making it a success.


  1. Offering online food ordering and delivery platform to the customers might prove to be a costly affair for the restaurant. The restaurant might not be able to gain a profit, with the costly mobile app or online web platform.

  2. Along with the employees for running the restaurant, you need a bunch of employees to run your online platform and deliver food to the customers. This is an additional cost and resource management.

  3. Delivering food on time is a major challenge. There are many barriers between the timely delivery of the food and the customers. These include adverse traffic conditions, adverse weather conditions, too many orders at a time, food items out of stock. These conditions causes delay in the delivery of the food, thus hampering the reputation of your brand.

  4. One of the major cons of online food ordering and delivery system is the compromise in the food quality. Since the customers are not met in person, the quality of food is often not up to the mark, as usually served in that particular restaurant. Hence, many customers might judge a restaurant and its quality of food, with the quality of the food delivered online. This deflects many potential customers, thus incurring loss for the restaurant.  

The online food ordering and delivery industry has received an immense upliftment with the help of technology. Even though there are certain disadvantages of the online food ordering and delivery system, yet the huge number of advantages makes it the best possible business prospect and a proven method of success for the restaurants.

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